Different screen tiny db

There are 2 different screens. I want to be able to pull the data I entered on my second page from the first page without opening the second page, but I’m stuck, I would appreciate it if you could help

You cannot do it without opening the second screen first time. But possible after saving the details in tinydb in screen2

Just use the same name space and same tag name of what you have used in screen2, use the same for tinydb in screen1… simple

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There are already topics about this. In future please search the forum before spamming it with a query that has already been answered.

I wrote because I couldn’t find enough content, I would be glad if you help

What have you tried so far?

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i tried to make these

I have uploaded two pictures can you take a look or show on a small example

The way you store value in tinyDB will result always 0. See a simple example

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