Can i get tinydb database on another page

If store tinydb data page 1 .
And i want to get data page 2 . It is possible?

Ofcourse tinydb is universal to all screens in app you can use anywhere you want in app.

Can u show me . How can i it

Just use getValue in any screen you want and give the same tag when you used to store value.
I recommend to read guides and watch tutorials to understand basics.

I tryit already its not working

than show the blocks where you are stuck.

I m using dynamik block. Block listing is very big .

Other screen i m using two block

  1. Set tiny db namespace
  2. Call tiny db getvalue

Namespace in both Screens should be the same for example if namespace in Screen1 is tinyDB1 then in Screen2 namespace should be tinyDB1

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On 1st page i m using dynamic components . On sec page will be used dynamic components or simpal components . How to set 2nd page tiny db database namespace . And get tag

Show ur blocks โ€ฆwhat u have tried

Blocks its very big size . Tiny database store on 1st page

And i data get on 2nd page .
How can i get

Just set a tag and value on screen 1
And get value for perticular tag on whatever screen I want .
As simple as that

Please search as this has been answered before.

Can this tinyDB data be hacked from an android apk? I mean can anyone would be able to get the tinyDB data access after they install the application on their mobile?