TinyDB not sharing data between screens

Hello everyone,

I’m making an app to manage my game collection and I have 2 screens on my app, so i set up a TinyDB that stores all my datas but when i open my 2nd screen, and try to diplay my datas in my new screen, nothing appears.
Here are my blocks for the first screen (the datas are retrieved from thegamesdb api from the internet and i can display them on the first screen (the 3rd column is the one that interest us for the moment)

And the much simpler blocks from the 2nd screen, just to display it for the moment.

Here the datas on the first screen :

An the second screen :

Sorry for my bad english…

Hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Welcome to community. I see in Screen1 you have app_db and in Screen2 app_db2 and most probably you use also different namespaces for storing data that causing the problem.

Oh yes I forgot, They had the same namespaces and the problem was the same, I tried to rename one just in case ^^

I found the solution, I just recreate my components TinyDB from scratch on the 2 screens without modifying the names and it works fine :slight_smile:


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