Spooky Catch: capture spooky angry monsters! [WINNER OF THE MAKEROID HALLOWEEN CONTEST]

I present you my game named Spooky Catch, winner of the Makeroid Halloween contest.
However, this is an alpha version: this means that there could be a lot of bugs. You can report them on my bug tracker: https://apps.maicol07.tk/bugify (Registration is in italian, use Google Translator. Once you have access to your account, go to your profile and then change the language from there).


Capture the frightening creatures and defeat the boss! Halloween is the best time for a monstrous revolution… Fermal and save the world!


A group of monsters are attacking your city, with the intention of carrying out a world revolution!
A courageous man will try to face them, defeat them, find out who lies behind this evil plan and save the world! Will you be enough powerful to beat them?

Actually, only the first level is available and I’m trying to fix bug that the level doesn’t end until you lose… :sweat_smile:
Sorry for that…

Screenshots (not all uploaded) and Download link (Play Store):

Give it a try!