Spreadsheet Got Row Block fetching data in a list view in wrong order

i am trying to fetch data from airtable by calling a row no using this block


and when i get the data as a list provided by this block


Data is printing properly but not in order as given in the airtable database

as you can see the title block is in 2nd position in the database but i have to call 6 no element from the list to print the title.

i know this is not a big problem, but its bothering me a lot. is there anything wrong with my block. if yes then kindly let me know.

Thank You

Any special reason for posting this here?

Yes… Because I am expecting solutions from only prokoders. It’s nothing special… I can change it back to normal if anyone have any problem.

Sometimes, non-prokoders also prove helpful.

I know but they always go off topic. Just like we are doing now.

But wait, ask a moderator to remove these replies before changing the category.

I’m really sorry, currently airtable doesn’t offer a method to call a tow orderly, but you can use column for better result.
However I will add this to my look into list.


sure… thanks for considering this…


When you get a row, you will get the cell in the order that the cell was created.

I know this is way late to the party, so I am not sure if you saw my note here.

Just trying to help :slight_smile:

Do you have similar issue???
Check it out,

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found something strange…

i have 2 tables Mobile and Laptops

database screenshots

i am making a simple ecom app and i was working with the Mobile database only and everything was working ok. but when i started multiple tables for example Laptops then the data is not in the same order. FYI i duplicated the mobile table and changed its name only to Laptops.


so the main problem is when i fetch data from mobile table, at index 6 i get the product name.
so if i duplicate the table and changed its name and fetch the data from same index i should get the same result, which is product name but unfortunately it shows price from the the product which is at index 7 in mobile table.

in laptop tables price of the product is at index 6. due to this issue app will not be dynamic.

no error if call mobile table, but the error screenshot pops out if i call Laptops table

index 10 contains stock (no only).