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Hello Everyone!

This is my first extension [ SpreadsheetDB ] which i made & going to share with you all today.
Few weeks ago i have given you all an alternative solution for Upload, Upadte, Read & Delete data from the Google Spreadsheet using Script Url. But the action blocks that you have to write for your data formatting was a bit complex and also a bit tricky. So to simplify the work i made this extension SpreadsheetDB

:anchor: NEW UPDATE | 18-08-2019

New Block for updating data in a specific column of a pre defined row. Validating an id i.e checking if an id is already registered or not. Note : I’ll provide the updated extension and the script soon with a tutorial video to explain more about the script and this new block too. . . .



:arrow_down: DOWNLOAD EXTENSION : SpreadsheetDBbyCttricks.aix (12.0 KB) [ Version 1 ]

How to use spreadsheetDB extesion ( Addition info too…)!!

If you have any query or suggestion then let me know in the comments or you can send email at [email protected]

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//Ct tricks


This is kodular community . Make sure u add kodular blocks not thunkable blocks.

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Docs? Can we get data from Google docs

thank you for your contribution

however please follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names
thank you



Thanks @Taifun for you suggestion and help :blush:

Sorry @Shona_Creations i forget to change the screenshots while posting in this builder :stuck_out_tongue: but i have updated my post now. . .! Also the extension too with a new block.

//Ct tricks

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It requires Google App Script Authorization. Even after deploy script as web app as Anonymous access. It shows login message in app.

No Kindly follow the complete tutorial to avoide such errors.