SpreadSheetsViewer Extension - Load Spreadsheets from Google Sheets API [FREE]

:rocket: SpreadSheetsViewer Extension - Load Spreadsheets from Google Sheets API

Greetings Kodular Community!

I am excited to share my latest extension, SpreadSheetsViewer, which enables you to effortlessly load spreadsheets from the Google Sheets API directly into your application.

:information_source: Key Features:

  • Loads spreadsheet data from the Google Sheets API.
  • Can dynamically specify document ID and sheet name.
  • Provides two events: SpreadsheetsLoaded (when data is successfully loaded) and SpreadsheetsLoadFailed (when data loading fails).

:information_source: How To Get Document Id & SheetsName:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/<DOC ID>/edit#gid=<Sheet Name>

:point_right: How to Use:

  1. Add the SpreadSheetsViewer extension to your Kodular project.
  2. Call the LoadSpreadsheets function by including the document ID and sheet name as parameters.
  3. Respond to the SpreadsheetsLoaded and SpreadsheetsLoadFailed events to handle the operation’s outcome.

:pushpin: Sample Code:

Note: make sure the spreadsheets are public

:paperclip: Download the Extension:
com.rasitech.spreadsheets.aix (8.2 KB)

Feel free to provide feedback or ask if you have any questions! I hope this extension proves useful to the Kodular community.