Sprite rotation

How do I rotate a sprite continuously? Also I don’t want it to move up/down/left/right direction - just remain where it is and rotate like a wheel.

Sorry , but I’ve been reading the documentation on image sprite and just can’t figure it out. :thinking:

You can use a clock. Look at the blocks on this Daily Challenge.

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Thanks Peter!
Will look and study how its done. :+1:

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The app cookie clicker requires 35 images to rotate…

Is there a way to rotate a sprite 360 degrees with just one image?

it does not look like you studied challenge #7 as suggested by @Peter ?
this is all you need

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Oops, sorry my bad - I set the speed to 20 when it should be 0.
Yes you’re right - that block of code was all I needed.

Thanks Peter! and Thanks Taifun! :slightly_smiling_face:

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