SQLite Query LIKE Statement "Something went wrong Querying"

Hello All, I need to know syntax LIKE statement in SQLite Query

When I do This, SUCCESS


However When I do this, ERROR OCCURED say “Something went wrong querying”


I dont know which wrong with my block, I hope anybody can help

Try to put it in quotes

LIKE '%?'


Thanks 4 ur reply


Runtime ERROR:
“Cannot bind argument at index 2 because the index is out of range.
The statement has 1 parameter”
One Parameter with Like statement
ERROR OCCURED say “Something went wrong querying”

Maybe anybody know ERROR OCCURED “Something went wrong querying” means?

It looks like the component is not able to process LIKE statements?

What I can offer is to use my sqlite extension, which offers full flexibility…


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I’ve known your extensions couple months ago but in that time i thought why i use extension if the blocks are “the same”.

Now i know why i should use your extension.

Thank you @Taifun

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