Start creating kodular store app

Let create a kodular store app where we all send our koded app, aix, aia. Those who want to make member in this then write me a message.



@youssef_achour do you want to make member in this

Yes :blush:

Ok wait for some more peoples to join we start this project in 2-3 days and the amount create by this app will give equally in members

I’ve already created

Send screenshot

Not in this type we want to create an app like playstore Do you want to make member to create this app

Yes I’ll join Telegram

No we talk to each other with message click on my account you got a message button click that and send me message if you want

We need to get approval from Mods as well as kodular staff , then only it is possible.

(P.S: I hope already they might have developed such ideas. I am not discouraging you )

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even i am intrested

Please PM me about this idea, as you have PM disabled, I am working on such an app

Am already 40% done with my app. This is not a final product so the design may change.