Will a new store be opened?

I reed similar topics and i thought this: Can a new store be opened instead of fixing the old server?
Because many people like me want to publish their app in a comprehensive and free store. I thought that only Kodular can make that store :slight_smile:
Is it possible?

Do you want to create app store if yes then it is possible

plz read posts carefully before replying to them
I saw you did this many times and gave answers which is not related at all to the questions


Publish your app on free appstores like Amazon Appstore etc.

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But they are complicated. And @Faraz_Firoz1 brought another idea to my mind. I will make my app store:)

Building an application store takes time, money, and resources. You’d have to set up a place to store the files and have much space available. As I have experience with building a store before, I will take a look into what I can do on my own.

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