Start Sound 2 after sound 1 finish

I have two sounds 1.mp3 and 2.mp3
so i want to play continuously that mean play sound 1 after finish direct sound 2 start in one click

I think you can calculate the time and put a clock.
Now, I do not know if there is any method to know the duration of a sound and thus be automated.

Thanks for reply very fast

do you have an example?


audio 1 has 2 minutes then, when playing audio 1 you activate a clock that lasts 2 minutes and when it ends the second audio is activated.

Give me time and I’ll show you blocks.

example blocks:

The Player component has a Player.Completed event. Put Player.Source to 2.mp3 and Player.Start into it.

thanks for reply
this is work but the problem sound two continues not stop


thanks for help
this is correct why
sound 1 play for two second then sound 2 start up to complete then stop

@ElMaxicero4 Your blocks will work a 2 second long sound and only when the timer is disabled. The sound component can only play sounds for 4-5 seconds. For longer sounds use the Player or the ExoPlayer component.



The Sound component can only play 4-5 sec long sounds.

Use exo player for long

no sister
sound 1 only 2 sec
put sound 2 its work up to sec 6 then stop


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Read this, then you might understand:

thanks so much for explanation and your time :rose: :rose: :rose:

You are absolutely right, thanks for correcting me.

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