Startapp ads not showing

Is Coenhance extension allowed in kodular?
If I put the Startapp ads in my application, it does not see why?
I put my application in kodular review, but no approval that’s why need extension. Please say me another way to show ads in my application

If you publish the application in play store you don’t require ads approval

but, startapp ads not showing that’s why need extension. I statyed for 2 days after publish in google play store. but ads not showing

Sorry but ads extension are not allowed

You should post the blocks you used, error or message you sees so someone might be able to help you

showing malacious extension. because i used startapp extension. before I put ads directly in kodular from kodular section. but did not show . now i used extension and showing ads in testing mode but when update in playstore, and open it after sometimes, showing malacious extension. and not open

Because ads extension are not allowed so you will have to continue with ads component of kodular

ok. one thing, coenhance allowed in kodular?