Still sdk 29 now

when update:

i saw updated sdk but i see not yet

This is " Minimum sdk level " … that you can control it

but all updates is about " Target sdk level" , and now its = 31 for all

I was scroll down SDK 31 nothing

Can u give me screen shot sdk31

its already now target sdk 31 automatically in all kodular apps … so you don’t need to change any thing >

this in options screen is value used to determine the “Minimum” level ( if you set it to 29 = android 10 " that mean no one can install your app on android 7, 8 or 9 :hushed:

so :

Minimum sdk level ( in options screen ) should be low as possible ( 21 is very good )

Target sdk level should be high , and its automatic for all kodular apps , its now = 31 for any apk.

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I think you need to learn the difference between minimum and maximum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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