Stopwatch average time

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to make a stopwatch and I want to get the average time, so I have to add the times of the different laps and divide by the number of laps.

The problem is that I can’t add the times, any ideas?

Convert everything into milliseconds, then work with that value. That one will be good i think. If not you have to look for any extension which provides such options

Or you can try this logic

1.Convert all times to seconds (1 minute = 60 seconds)
i.e. 2:42 seconds would be 162 seconds
2. Sum all seconds
(2:42) = 162 + (2:27) 147 + (58 ss) 58 = 367 seconds
3. Divide sum by # of entries
367/3 = 122.333333 seconds
4. Divide sum by 60 (60 seconds in every minute)
122.333/60 = 2.038
5. This does not mean that your answer is 2 minutes and 4 seconds. The decimal places represent a fraction of a minute. To get the true seconds, you need to take the decimal figures and multiply them by 60.
i.e. .038 x 60 = 2.28 seconds (rounded would represent 2)
6. Your answer would 2:02 as an average time.

I can’t convert to milliseconds either

Try to add make instant from block between them

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Thank you very much for your help, I have finally been able to solve it thanks to you.

I share the result with the community in case it serves someone

chronometer_Screen1.ais (6.7 KB)

What do you want here then?
Do you want to average it? As i said earlier you can add all those milliseconds one by one using this taifun extension and can divide the total value by number of events.

yes, but just create the calculations with the math blocks.

Create a procedure

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