Strange List behavior

I am doing something wrong?


Maybe No …

What are you trying to achieve?

It doesn’t seems to be possible that it shows true even if element is not in list… btw What you want to achieve as @Peter said?

It’s making it look like it has an element that isn’t in the list. I’m not trying to achieve anything

this screenshot is just a small example which is in my application which is not working properly.
I was checking elements in firebase taglist

It has to do with the letter E or e in the string. Everything behind the E or e is not checked so the 0 is in the list and the 2 is not.

Why this happens i don’t know.

Strings concidered as numbers, both equals 0 because 0E8337 is cosindered as 0 x 10 raised in the power of 8337 which is 0




I knew it would be something like that but I am bad at math :crazy_face:


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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