Subscription problem with Pavi's billing extension

Hello, I have problems with subscriptions in google play. I used the kodular app-in-billing extension to add a subscription but the purchase order never appeared, it seems to have a bug. I used an extension and I got an error.

The message says: “Error, the item you were trying to buy is missing.”
My application is published in “internal test”, this extension needs my merch id and license key which i added and I have created a subscription which is “Active”. What is the possible solution to my problem ?. Thank you

In addition, i make an product id and i dont have problems with the kodudar app-in-billing or with the extension i have found on internet. maybe there is a problem testing subscriptions

you most robably are talking about the billing component?

see also

PS: protip, doing a search in the forum helps…

Hi… i always search all forum and i know there is a bug. but noone posted about this error on the screenshot i upload.

the Kodular billing component does not need these ids, see also the documentation

you might want to add a screenshot of your relevant blocks…

yes, kodular billing dont need it… i know, but the extension i download need it. I already solve the problem… in this extension that i download you need to call subscription details first, and then when you got the details make the purchase.

this is the extension i download: Billing | App Inventor Extensions

Thanks a lot Taifun, for all. I love you website.
Sorry for my english. it’s a little rusty

the extension from @pavi2410 is based on Anjlab’s library (version 1.0.39)

I formerly also was using a 1.0.x library version for my billing extension , but upgraded it to 1.1 because Google planned to deprecate the Google Play Billing with AIDL, see also

you probably still can use that solution until Google shuts it down.


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