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Hi I need help with data changed in firebase. This is the structure of my database.


When I try to store and get values I dont have problems but I cant use the component data changed because it give me just the tag and I cant know a value of a specific sub tag.

Is there a way to resolve this?

Hello @Elaprendiz,

After you data changed you can use the tag to call Firebase and get your new value. Try and let me know how it goes.

I have 10 sub tags and I need to know the value changed of just 1 to do a processure.

I can call the tag but not the sub tags

Share your blocks and if possible the aia of the project

Sin título

These are the blocks, remember that I have subtag1, subtag2, etc until subtag10

so when data changed I can just compare the tag and not the subtags

Your tag from firebase will be “bucket/tag/subtag” I do believe. So you will need to manipulate the tag name to get to the subtag first.

and how can I do that?

I Would use the split block to split at the “/”. This would create a list of the tags and subtags. You can then check the list for “subtag” at the appropriate spot in the list. I store information the opposite way in subtags using the Join block to organize information in my firebase database.

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BOA TARDE, consegue me enviar algum modelo de blocos pois tenho um banco separado por tag e subtags e nao consigo ler direito e nem gravar fica errado .


English please!

Welcome @CLEBERSON_VARGAS_CASADIO. Have you researched the community here?

sorry excuse me GOOD AFTERNOON, you can send me some block template because it has a bank separated by tag and subtags and you can’t read it correctly or write it is wrong.

thank you.

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I don’t if this will work though, but I think it will.

![FireBase SubTags|690x242]

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Show! thank you.

I am sorry, but this will only store a JSON text.
If you have to store subtag you have to use set project bucket.
For example, I want to store
The first set project bucket to “test/tag/subtag”
Then store tag= subtag1, valueToStore = Value1

If you managed to solve it, don’t forget to check “Solved” :+1:

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