Sugestions to Kodular

Here is two thoughts on Kodular that would be a great improvement to me.

1 - There is no need to secure the session, Kodular it’s a IDE, hosted into a website, ok but, never the less… You don’t see that in Eclipse or Android Studio for example, let the OS do that trick.

2 - Kodular performance issues are mostly caused by internet connection, wouldn’t be great to work offline and then upload the builds to the cloud only? I think so…

Remember, I am not demanding, just suggesting! :wink:

  1. This would mean that each user will need to setup locally to have all the required software and may pose some challenges for beginners.
  2. For online, nothing to download, just browser
  3. Online provides us ability to push changes / patches to server resulting in updates for everyone and making sure that all users are using same version

Exactly, I am a beginner, and very happy with AppyBuilder and also with Kodular, I got both applications that meet my need and demand. Unfortunately this problem occurred after updating Kodular.

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Many applications works offline but receive updates when are online, and those required software could be embedded to the build couldn’t it?

Everything is moving toward cloud-based. Some other benefits:
Work from anywhere

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Always on
  • etc

I Agree with you Hossein, I just hope Kodular performance issues get better through versions, it’s a problem that affect a huge number of users.

Any thoughts about my second suggestion?