Kodular Performance

I am new Here and Would like to Know if Apps Made with Kodular Have any Performance Drop Compared to Android Studio. What are the Limitations of Kodular as well comparing to other IDE’s?


Hey, @simplegamers_mail, welcome to the community.
There are no performance limitations, it all depends on the phone you’re using.

Well, with :kodular: Kodular, you can make your apps just from blocks, its fairly easy to learn. The limit is almost only your imagination. Others don’t offer this (block programming), but there are a few things that cannot be done for now, for example Background Services, but the team is already aware of them.


Very nice answer by Daniel. Welcome @simplegamers_mail to the Community. Kodular apps perform mostly similarly to Android Studio apps. There are no real drawbacks, except no Background Services (as mentioned by Daniel) and the inability to integrate APIs of your choice. Have a nice time with Kodular. We are here to help if you need it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the Nice Welcome.This community is friendly. Really Helped me out!


You’re welcome :smile:
Also, a pro tip because of you are new here: if you use Google to search an answer for one of your problems, instead of searching like kodular image view search app Inventor image view for example. :appinventor:App Inventor is what Kodular is based on, bud Kodular has much better features.


Yea I do this. I search on community as well as Google. I use search terms of other builders too

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