Kodular Performance

Hi guys,

First things first…
I am new in Kodular community but I’ve been researching block like development for a while.
As far as I know, Kodular offers most variety of functionalities natively and for free, this is awesome. :hearts:
I was using the platform to develop an app wich is my biggest project, I owrk on it everyday.
The thing is, after an (~) hour my computer starts having low memory errors, even if I power on the computer and use just the Kodular tab.
In a first impression I tought that would be a browser issue, I was using Chrome at the time, so I changed to Firefox but the issue stood still.
I don’t believe that the problem is my computer because I’ve 8GB RAM and at MIT AI2 it runs smoothly, so as the other platforms.
Is it a Kodular platform performance issue and if so, can I do something to help?

Thanks in advance!


If you have thousands of blocks yes it’s going to happen to you. It happens to me to the point where it bugs out so much, I can’t even switch screens… I reported it using the report HTML document that most likely does nothing, so some Developer check that please… I think the description I added was “I can’t switch screens” then it was fixed after that, I have no idea what happened.

Anyway welcome new astronaut, I also have no idea why I’m referring to Kodular as NASA :joy: !

Doing these actions may cause Kodular’s performance issues:

  • Export your app via QR or apk
    Every time you export app, lagging will became longer. Because I tested myself. So refresh Kodular, if you want to get normal performance.

  • Using Companion
    Using live companion may cause performance issues. So you should test your app by downloading APK.

or Use Another Browser
You can switch to another browser to solve performance issues a bit (like another Chromium based browser for example Brave)


Nice tips, thank you very much!

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