How many blocks do you use in your applications?

Hello family, I have four (4) questions for all of you.

  1. How much is the maximum of blocks that you have used in a screen developed in kodular?

  2. How much is the maximum number of blocks that you have used in an app developed in kodular?

  3. How many screens did you use in a project developed with kodular?

  4. How has the performance of the application you gave the previous answers been?

Thanks in advance for your answers … Your answers may help several people in this community. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Which people will it help, and how?

There are many people who are new or curious and need limits for their projections and this is one more contribution.

  1. ≈ 3000 Blocks on one Screen was the Limit for one Project. Recent Screens have about 2000 Blocks.

  2. More than 5.000 Blocks.

  3. About 10-15 Screens on complicated Apps. Like Social Media Apps.

  4. Depends on RAM and Browser. With about 32Gb RAM and the Brave Browser is 2000 Blocks a bit slower but manageable. 3000 and more are not enjoyable.

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It would help me for example. Im leaving kodular as soon my app is finished, because it doesn’t support big projects. The problem is there’s no offline support for creating apps. To be honest, creating big projects is easier on android studio. Code helps to manage logic as you want. Appinventor distributions are very helpful for first steps in programming or if u need to build fast an app to query data and logic from backend server.

My project details:
blocks overall: ~30k
screens: 4
the biggest amount of blocks withing 1 screen: 18k

I don’t recommend kodular for such large project. I can’t even shorten the amount of blocks becuase I have guides in my app which are just scripts - such things can’t be repeatable.

Performance is very bad - PC from NASA wouldn’t help - it’s a browser limitation. What is more, Kodular servers are unable to correctly load my project to a browser so I have to refresh it many times until it loads.

I am using FF. With 12,000 blocks on one screen, everything runs fast and smooth.
I have 3 screens and the total number of blocks was 20,000. Now there are fewer because I minimized the applications a bit.