Suggestions for next update

Hey, I just wanted to tell you that the latest update was amazing:star_struck:,
And I wanted to help and give you ideas for the following update:wink::
Suggestions for the next update:

  1. It is possible to change something for all components - it can help if you want to change the font or the size of the text to all buttons or labels in the application,
  2. It is possible to move the components through All components (as in thunkable) - this can help to make the application more comfortable,
  3. It is possible to move the drawer of the components in the block editor to 0 - so that it is more convenient and more space to edit the blocks
  4. Bug fix if RTL works then all buttons become shorter (look at the picture)

(Even if my device is in English and RTL is active, they will see the problem)
You can check it out for yourself: RTL.aia (1 .1 ק״ב)
RTL.apk (4 .1 מ״ב)
It would have been good if you could turn the RTL off and on From the blocks, but apparently it’s not possible:sweat_smile:

  1. Add a component in control: a component that will allow a certain time to wait until the next operation

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