Kodular Improvement Suggestions

Guys, kodular is great you have done a great job, if you could consider making some small changes, developers (or people who use it a lot) lives would be much easier.

  1. Allow folders in the initial main screen to put projects into them.
  2. Take off the type in name before deleting a file (recently added), its very time consuming and not needed.
  3. Add folders in backpack, so we can give names to methods/functions and allow it to be smaller and more concise.
  4. Allow direct copy and paste of blocks between all screens.
  5. Allow renaming of screen1 to any name we choose.
  6. Allow renaming of projects.
  7. Allow overwriting projects with the same name, this is important when we update them.

Great work, keep it up.


If you knew the number of users that asked us to recover deleted screens you wouldn’t say so :sweat_smile:

I think that should come from MIT

Use the backpack, it’s the same (more or less)

Why? It’s not needed, it doesn’t have to show Screen1 anywhere
And it cannot be renamed, as it will break lots of things in compiled apps

Already possible in Kodular Eagle…

To avoid issues, like the ones of accidentally deleting, it won’t be possible
You have to manually delete it and upload again


Thanks my friend.

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Hi @asalisbury

I’m not sure if this can be implemented, but we’ll take a look at what can be done.
Thanks for your support!

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Thanks for you time. It would be very useful and clean especially when we have many files.

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Allow components to be moved up or down just by dragging their name in the component list. Currently this can only be done by dragging objects within the design.

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Hey, I just wanted to tell you that the latest update was amazing:star_struck:,
And I wanted to help and give you ideas for the following update:wink::
Suggestions for the next update:

  1. It is possible to change something for all components - it can help if you want to change the font or the size of the text to all buttons or labels in the application,
  2. It is possible to move the components through All components (as in thunkable) - this can help to make the application more comfortable,
  3. It is possible to move the drawer of the components in the block editor to 0 - so that it is more convenient and more space to edit the blocks
  4. Bug fix if RTL works then all buttons become shorter (look at the picture)

(Even if my device is in English and RTL is active, they will see the problem)
You can check it out for yourself: RTL.aia (1 .1 ק״ב)
RTL.apk (4 .1 מ״ב)
It would have been good if you could turn the RTL off and on From the blocks, but apparently it’s not possible:sweat_smile:

  1. Add a component in control: a component that will allow a certain time to wait until the next operation

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Why is a wait procedure generally a bad idea?

source by Taifun (Pura Vida Apps)


Also if it was possible to group components it would be great. Like instead of turning ON visibility of 10 buttons separately, you group them all and make blocks for that certain group name.


You can always use procedures for such actions

Simply create a procedure that takes a parameter which can be true or false.
In the procedure definition, set the visibility of all the components you wish to set to the parameter’s value.

procedure visibilitySetter (x) {
set button1.visible to x
set label1.visible to x

You can call it like this:
procedure visibilitySetter(true)


thank you very much. i have no idea how i missed such possibility :neutral_face:

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The official language of the forum is English. Please translate your post.

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I don’t agree when you say that Eagle is heavy and slow… Unless only in your machine, because for me it’s faster than Draco. Anyway, you must understand that every update has some problems and problems exist to be solved. That’s what staff is doing right now.


Dears, there seems to a bug with backpack, ive been using it a lot this week and it has an issue with the zoom, it opens so big that you can read the blocks and i have to zoom to 33% to close it then zoom back to open again then zoom again to see the blocks. It also takes about 10- 30 seconds to open, im assuming depends on demand…on sunday it was 30secs to open after click.

I have a super fast internet and laptop.

Hope this helps

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