Cant open another screen after project name change

Greetings koders, Im having trouble with a new screen I added to my app after project name change:

  • I roll the changed back to original just to check and created the new screen again, same error
  • Take a look at aia folder structure, the new screen is in “mi_parada” folder, and the old ones that open without trouble are located in “mi_paradero”

P.D. It works fine on companion without any errors, not in APK

Capture _2020-01-18-15-08-25_2_resized

New screens not found located here:

Screenshot - 18_01_2020 , 15_14_38

Working screens located here:

Screenshot - 18_01_2020 , 15_15_04

Screenshot - 18_01_2020 , 15_27_14

I can’t see any aia in your post.
And, please elaborate what error you’re getting.

How did you change the project name

Changed project name here:

Screenshot - 18_01_2020 , 15_33_29

And what did you do after changing the name there, since for me changing the name there doesn’t do anything


Btw, may I ask which browser are you using

@Vishwas do you have some insight on this, why are we even able to edit this?

Created the new screen that doesnt open in the apk (the one thats in another folder)


Is there a way to specify the path to screen in the Screen open command?

Somehow your project got broken, you should not have two folders in you file structure as you have

The only method I know of how to change project name is either by using Save Project as or downloading the project aia and changing the name of the file

How you changed the project is not workable in my end

Lastly, did you forget to tell us something else you did with your project, did you by any chance manipulate it outside Kodular

No, and if I had do that i would lost my monetization ad approval, so no.

If I “save my project as”, i also would lose my monetization approval, right?

If you were worried about this, why did you change the project name in the first place

Sorry, monetization is not my department

It was a while ago, and if the option is available why cant you use it? I knew project ID wont change so it wont be a problem with monetization.

For changing name of project this is not procedure.
Goto save project as and then add new project name same will be done with save checkpoint.

That’s a convenient method to change project name, so that you don’t have to do this.

Several projects often start off as tests and/or sandboxes. We found that users weren’t able to keep track of projects easily thanks to the immutability of project names.

The ability to change the names of projects was added in Kodular Eagle, enabling users to better manage versions and copies of their work.

The rename function simply changes the project’s name in our datastore but doesn’t change the rest of the project in any way.

Yes, it only shows on that project but same exported aia or apk with older name.

That’s why i used this while i wanted to demonstrate some blocks to user and share aia rather than making a new project

So there is no workaround for this, basically the only way is to start a new project , import screens and ask for monetization approval again


  • Export the troubled screen into your pc (.ais file)
  • Open it with winrar
  • In src\io\kodular{your user} rename the folder with incorrect project name to correct
  • Inside this renamed folder delete all other screen’s files (I dont know why in an exported screen kodular exports all screens)
  • Close winrar and import this screen again to your project

This worked for me so I leave it here for any future references if anybody runs into this, cheers


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