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Can :kodular:Devs Just add Rename Option in Screen For Re-Naming a ScreenKodular Creator

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What do you want to rename with that added(your edited) option.

You have the option to rename the components already.


I think he wants to Rename the Screen/ Project

The Project can be renamed easily by clicking on the current project name displayed on the top left corner of designer screen See :point_down:

For Screen Renaming, I think you can’t rename Screen1 as its the default activity when any android app is launched by clicking its icon. For other screens(other than Screen1), they can be renamed when you are adding them by clicking Add screen option. See :point_down:

We Can Name It While Creating a Screen . But We Can’t Rename It After Creating

Only Way For Editing

Extract aia
Open Src
Open io
Open Kodular
Rename .SCM &.BKY Files

Till Now I use This Method

I am not getting why you want to rename the screen that way(decompile & recompile). Because the screen name is only visible in the title bar(if you have kept it visible) and you can also edit that if you want, by changing/editing the Title property from designer properties of the respective screen itself

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You can also rename the screen by

  1. Click on Copy Screen
  2. Write the required name it in the Copy-Screen popup
  3. Remove the old screen
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The correct method (according to me) of renaming already mentioned here :point_down:

Then what’s the point in extending this discussion with un-necessary #off-topic replies like this??? :point_down:

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