How to rename screen (import) in kodular 1.5.4 with winrar . (scm or bky)?

how to rename screen (import) in kodular 1.5.4 with winrar . (scm or bky)?

Why do you want to do that ?

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I had an old project and I made a new project, I added screens from the old project to the new one so that I wouldn’t write the blocks from the beginning, but the screen name changed
to Import4r353243245

You must be familiar with editing bky and scm files in order to avoid messing you project. You could copy imported screen from creator to another - give what ever name you wish and then delete imported one

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I don’t know how I forgot this step (copy the screen with the import name) because I changed the bky and scm for the same name but the process didn’t work, I will copy, it’s a faster process

Server error: could not copy form. Please try again later!
also same error when using vpn or without vpn

If copy doesn’t work see

And also another way is to create a new screen. Copy design from imported screen - paste it to new one. Copy all blocks from imported to backack - paste them to new one

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how i can copy all design in screen ?

you mean from kodular creator or open file aia with winrar?

From creator using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V compination or with right click - choose copy arrangement - choose paste arrangement. I believe one of all proposed solutions will work for you

problem sovled by : delete some extensions and empty screen
then renamed screen imported by winrar (scm & bky) to HOME
then upload to creator

the copy screen option now working :heart:

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