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:gem: Add more design features to the components such as borders, curves, margins, and shadows.
:gem: Import a project from Android Studio and export a project to Android Studio.
:gem: Add the ability to view and modify the code.

what you mean you are giving suggestion to kodular or us to create apps?

If you want that you better just use Android Studio

The blocks are the code.


That’s a good question. I know that kodular applications are closed source But I have a question. If it were open source, the code could have been transferred to and from Android Studio.

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not really
however see also


That would be cool for anyone who wants to use Kodular like Android Studio. Or if Android Studio had blocks. :rofl:


Kodular Applications can be open or closed source depending on the app developer. For example, I can create an app and attach an AIA file (source code) and let others build on top of my app. Closed source is when an app is private and no one can have the source code to build on top of.