Swipe left / right(Horizontally) to change the screen

I checked [Free] Gesture Handler Extension - ClassicExtensions - Community but did not work.
I have a vertical scrollable arrangement(VSA) which has a label full of text(label completely covers the VSA). Gesture extension is not working as it has a label on VSA.

How to make swipe left/right to create an event???

Please help me on this

Use View Pager.

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I want to change the whole screen itself, view pager will have tabs and swiping will change the tabs if I am not wrong!!
Clicking Next button opens a new screen,
Clicking previous button open previous screen.
Similarly swipe should work

Can we achieve this ??

Why to use two screens, you can manage it in single screen with arrangements and use these two arrangements as layouts for view pager.

Also you can set animation for view pager so that, it will looks like changing screens. This is the most efficient way I guess.


Thank you !!! It worked for me as expected. I was not liking Tabs, there is a property where we can HIDE the tab. Great!!!
Thank You Kiran :raised_hand:t2:


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