Getting Gesture in use

Hey Koders!!
I need your help…

In this image, this is the main screen.
I want to add a setting screen for the user, which can be accessed by swiping from down to up ( Following the red arrow)
If the user swipes in Up direction, another Screen or Arrangement will open having setting options.
How can i do that!
Can someone help me with that?
Thank you :innocent:

Hi, you can try with this extensions


What you have tried yet?

You need use Scroll Changed component to register the scroll and hide card view

Create a vertical scroll arrangement and set height and width to fill parent … inside this add the cardview that you have created and use the scroll handler extension and register the vertical scroll arrangement in the extension. from the extenion use the block when scrolled upwards then use what you want to do

Swipe and scroll are different things.

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But that’s the only alternative I thought of and as we are gesturing the main layout to scroll it ll look some sort of swiping

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This thing worked perfectly for me.
If i swipe-up screen goes completely at the bottom or wise-versa. :blush:

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