Gesture extension problem

I tried to change the page with the finger gesture as I watched from youtube. but it did not work.
Where is the problem, what am I doing wrong?

Welcome to community @okan7x!
Please elaborate more:

  • Which Gesture extension you used?
  • What error did you get after you tried?

extension is this: [Free] Gesture Handler Extension - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Community
and there is no error. just not working

which Android device / Android version did you use for your tests?
you might want to try another device / Android version…
also you might want to ask @Mika, the author of the extension…

does the event fire? you can check that using for example a notifier component…
btw. before switching to another screen, I suggest you to stop the timer…


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try using Right & Left, instead of right & left

Directions in the extension are:

  • left
  • right
  • top
  • bottom

@okan7x I’ve tried the blocks you posted above and everything is working fine for me. Problem is in something else. Please show all your blocks or share your AIA here so we can check where the problem is.


The problem is that if the layout contains components and you swipe where the components are, it doesn’t detect it

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How can we solve this issue. whenever the layer under Gesture control is used over the layer the swipe is not detecting for me also. What to do? Can anyone please help