Why swipe up gesture works properly one time only?

Used Extension And its block:–
blocks (1)
blocks (2)

msg shows workng but content dose mot showing !!!

But you didn’t show full blocks it seems. You have showed only swipe up but not swipe down? Or how do you minimize the arrangement??

Because you have made the main screen arrangement to false buy you didnt set to true. Have you anywhere?

If it become true you will able to see
On swipe down or button click or after clock timers


But when i clicked on “return to main” it will do reverse.

vertical arrangement 3 visible to “false”
Main screen visible to true

Yes… if you disable visibility then you need to enable again visible to true then only it will work

so why it not working net time I tried???

See, understand your logic… during swipe up you have hidden the arrangement, if so how it will appear again? You must set visible to true but it will detect swipe up. This is not swiping problem just your logical procedure

My Logic is

Note:–Main Screen &Other Screen are vertical Arrangement containing Different Things

“Screen initialized”
Main Screen Visible:- True.
Other Screen Visible :- False.

“When Screen Swipe Up”
Main Screen Visible:- False.
Other Screen Visible:- True.
Call Notifier :–working

“When 'Return To Main ’ Click (A Button In Other Screen)”
Other Screen Visible:-False.
Main Screen Visible:- True.

But When i 2nd time Swipe up after all gose normal
I will just show blank

But working msg shows!!

See the logic… swipe up and swipe down procedure…


With button click

Still don’t get results.
Can you please check my aia!!
EU_NEWUI_TEST.aia (5.7 MB)

your arrangement is not in good format thats why you didnt see such effect

You only need to look into that because you have used plenty of arrangement… Pls see to that whle you use arrangement should not over lap one over another…

try this…

EU_NEWUI_TEST(1).aia (149.5 KB)

I have removed the asset, as low network unable to read the blocks so… i have slightly changed your arrangements


Yes possible but the choice of technique is not good, it will hide the layout completely
test this

EU_NEWUI_TEST(1).aia (149.8 KB)

you can increase the time in both the animation…

But i found a logical mistake i used slide out down instead of slide in down

I want to in my screen but i was using out​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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