Gesture Extension by @Mika... is it still supported? Also how do I obtain v3

Hello all I’m new here and learning a lot of new stuff, I have been experimenting with the gesture handle but can only find version 1 of the Gesture extension file so when I change any setting, it no longer works.
I installed a AIA with Gesture extension in it, it also only had version 1 installed. When I made a apk it worked, but soon as I changed one setting and pack it again the screen would not change to screen2.

Would anyone know where to obtain a link too the Gesture Extension v3 or later?
Also is this extension being supported by Kodular still?

Thanks all.

Link to extention I’m talking about:

Does this extension has V3.

If it is not in the post then how can you say that it has v3

Blockquote If it is not in the post then how can you say that it has v3

Because i found it on a topic that had his first release v1 and the AIA come from a example of that v1 release.

Hi @SprinterOz
Try this amazing extension from @Shreyash :


When I have time I will look if I can compile my extension again and upload it here.
But I have no time to do it today


Thank you vknow,
It looks like a very good extension, Thanks for the suggestion and link.

A feature I like already in the extension, is the amount of fingers you can set will be diving into this now :grin:

Hi Mika Thanks for the reply,
It would be great to to give it a go as I have it started, also only when you have time :smiley:


Actually, I never released this extension on the community because I thought it would be of no use, but I’m glad it is helpful to some users. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Shreyash
I have a doubt.
Will it disable click and scroll function like GestureDetector does?

I’m not sure if I understood you. :thinking:

why don’t you download the extension from the download link there?
It says

Here is the version 3 of my new and greatest extension (for now)!


As the link is no longer working, because the extension site link is no longer up.

the dowload link is still working very well…
I just downloaded it and if @Mika agrees, here it is
com.NMD.Gesture.aix (13.6 KB)

Could i have the source page as its easy to find v1.

Why not do some research by your own.

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What do you mean ?

If you Read all the comments from start, you would know the problem and would not be hijacking this thread with useless comments.

I will save you the time Mika is going to repack the gesture v3 when he has time too.


I just asked you that does the extension has v3 or and not told that if you have link to to the original source then check it out there

That’s the only post I have done and I don’t think so it was a spam. If you would have such attitude with other users no one will help you.

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you yourself linked to the source page…
and as already said, in the first post by @Mika it was mentioned

PS I will close this thread now.