Switch: A new way to share cars!

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This app aims to make it easier for friends and family to share their car, log mileage and costs. Costs are calculated in ratio of driven mileage. The location of the car is saved each time the car is ‘switched’ and displayed in a handy map on the main screen.


  • Login with google or email

  • Log mileage

  • Current languages: English, Dutch

  • Add fuel and other costs

  • Calculates costs for switch partners based on ratio of mileage driven

  • Chat feature to discuss with switch partner

  • Date picker to suggest a date for you to use the car

  • You can start a new term whenever you want after paying the costs to each other according to the app

  • Satisfying animations

Future updates:

  • Options to tweak cost calculation
  • Better account linking feature
  • More useful insights based on previous terms
  • Port to IOS when Kodular releases that feature

Please list any bugs you come across in the thread. Thanks!



App Store/Download link:

Extensions used:

  • Vertical scroll handler by ColinTree
  • Phase by @Shreyash
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To link your account with someone else, enter their email address and wait until they login and accept your request.