Switching from one text field to another automatically

Hello everyone, I believe you are well. I have a question. I created an application and in this application I have 4 text field. I would therefore like to automate my input by a logic.

If my first text field gets 12 digits, automatically my text cursor jumps to the second field. This first field must receive only 12 digits, no more, no less, then in the second text field where I would put a name, then when I press on my keyboard the arrow for next, directly that not in the 3rd text field, then I put the address so on. I therefore wanted that after having finished typing, the transition from one field to another should be done quickly and automatically. After entering the information in my last text field, I can now press my send button.

Here is the screen of my application.

Thanks for helping me :pray::pray:

Then use if then + length + focus text box blocks

When text box1 text changed
If length of the text box1=12
Then focus textbox2

Or you can use generic blocks too

When any text box text changed

Thank you for your reply, is it possible you can help me to do this logic on blocks for me to understand better, I am new to kodular. So I really want to learn more. if possible help me by just showing me blocks that make this logic please :pray::pray:.

Here is how my blocks of my text fields look.

blocks (34)

Sorry… your blocks are not seems to be kodular… If it were kodular let we help you

And your above logic will not work

Which builder are you using?

Hello, I believe you are well. otherwise I am sorry for the delay with which I react. these are kodular blocks. as i didn’t know how to upload the blocks from my phone so i had to do the screenshot to post?
here are the blocks and the AIS file of my project:

SOLIDA_2_Screen3 (1).ais (380.1 KB)

blocks (34)

Please, Help me

I use kodular. only that I had taken the screenshot of my blocks instead of uploading that’s why they looked different

Hello, I believe you are well. I sent you my request and you answered me by the message below :

"Then use if then + length + focus text box blocks

When the text in textbox1 has changed
If length of textbox1=12
Then focus textbox2

Or you can also use generic blocks

When a text box text has been changed"

And since I didn’t know how to go about it, I asked you if possible to make me this logic on blocks so that I understand a little better. But my uploaded blocks seemed not to be from kodular because I took a screenshot instead of uploading the blocks. Here I uploaded the blocks to show you how is my logic just there. So I would like to add to this logic the logic to automatically jump from one text field to another while typing.

I have also attached my ais screen file. Help me please :pray::pray::pray:

blocks (34)

SOLIDA_2_Screen3 (1).ais


My screen App :

You cannot do auto switch to next textbox according to your content of the textbox. But you can use this condition i.e after entering content in text box and pressed enter mean you can switch to next box using taifun textbox keyboard extension

Refer here extensionLink

Credit to @Taifun

Thank you very much. :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: