Switching Screens Problem

  1. I am facing difficulties switching screens can someone help me

    Screen 1 to Screen 2 works but

2.Screen 2 to screen 1 doesnt work

causes the app to crases


You should assess if you need several screens in your project. If they are screens with little code, perhaps you could use Layouts and change them to visible/hidden.

Another issue is that if you do not close the current screen, it will remain in memory, but perhaps that does interest you and you do not need to close that screen.

I also had problems with this method of changing screens and how my app only had 3 screens (without a lot of data) it did not close the screens. In addition, the display order would always be the same. 1-> 2->3 : 3 ->2 ->1

Remember that if you do not close the screens, when you close a screen with CLOSE SCREEN (so it does not stay in memory) it will return to the predecessor screen, OK?


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Are you using Start Values? You have not shown the screen initialize on both the screens

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