Table from Variable List

I have data like this. How can i show this in table. All column are the Variable list. and Header is simple text.

The image who posted is of a database or is it the view of your app?

Its present view of my app. Need to display it in table format …
plz help me…
thank you…

This is the best way to display data in tableview.

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How to set blocks for this to show column. i am getting only one column and all content in same column…

In the tableview design? Show what you have done

I think you have disabled the blocks as I can just see the drop down text of blocks not any lbocks


Why are you using insert block… Try using add items to block because insert block will add items to just 1 item

Same results no change …

Give me some time I’ll explore this extension and revert you

please.I interest about tableview but i cannot to download :pray: :pray: :pray:.

AppyBuilder’s community has been closed. You can download it from

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thank you so much.:heart::heart:

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