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Hello, recently I found a Taifun’s topic about TableView Extension Versions 3 and 4 on the MIT App Inventor Community forum (TableView Extension Versions 3 and 4 by @Ken - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community), which provides download links for the Table View extension. Since then, I have been attempting to display a table using the extracted data from my local SQLite database. However, the results are not quite as expected. The table is being printed in the following way:

The example I have been using only contains 2 headers (Base, Equipe) and 3 rows of data. Could someone please try to explain what I might be doing wrong?

(This is the logic I attempted to use in order to build my own CSV file from the SQLite query result.)

Actually, I noticed that the reason the table was being printed in that way was due to a simple row delimiter on the designer page. However, now that I have opened this topic, I would appreciate it if anyone could help me with the logic of converting a query result into a proper CSV file.

The result I obtain from the query (for simplification) is as follows: “Base, Equipe, BaseA, TeamA, BaseB, TeamB, BaseC, TeamC”.

Then, I managed to transform it into this list: “Base, Equipe, BaseA, TeamA, BaseB, TeamB, BaseC, TeamC” using the following block of code:

Then I attempted to utilize the block that I shared in the previous post to convert this list into a CSV string. However, it is not functioning as anticipated.

So the out put obtained from SQL is not a proper csv . Pls adjust it

Actually, no.
The result is coming as I said: (Base, Equipe, BaseA, TeamA, BaseB, TeamB, BaseC, TeamC).
When I try to display the data in the TableView it shows as if it was all part of the header.

It should be:
|Base | Equipe|
BaseA | TeamA
BaseB | TeamB
BaseC | TeamC

Is your output of php CSV format? What format do you get ? Pls show us

The output is being retrieved from a built-in SQLite table.

Let me explain my goal: I have created a user form that will be distributed among 10 tablets, and throughout the day, the users will be inserting data. The data is currently being stored in an online MySQL database. However, now I want to be able to display a table that shows only the data that each user has inserted on the current day. This will allow them to keep track of what they have already inserted. I have been attempting to retrieve the data from the SQLite table and display it in a table format using the TableView extension, but I’m encountering difficulties with this.

The query I have been using for testing purposes is quite simple.


no issue about query but the issue is type of response content you received in app

I’m not sure about how to answer this. Because the query result is coming in a string exaclty this way:
(Base, Equipe BaseA, TeamA BaseB, TeamB)


see i have designed blocks but in this extension [FREE] TableViewer - fully style customized to show table data - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

and this is my out put in my app along with custom header and color…

(Note: In your response content i am seeing two brackets, so pls remove it before using my blocks)

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