Taifun billing extension: Error 3300

Somtimes I get subscription details, sometimes I get error 3300, when asking for SubscriptionDetails

When using Taifun in-app billing, I get Error 3300. "Error 1 in extension an unknown error occured: The operation SubscriptionDetails cannot accept the arguments: ,[ nothing ]
You can see that is shows the arguments divided by a comma and the first argument is empty.

Still it is possible to subscribe, but I cannot show title and price before customer decides to subscribe.

I put already a 1 second delay between initialization and asking for SubscriptionDetails but that did not solve the problem.

When I have subscribed it always gives me the 3300 error when asking for SubscriptionDetails.

Update: Sometimes it gets the DescriptionResults on an Android 6.0.1 but on an Android 8.0.0 it always gives the 3300 error.

  1. Wrong category.
  1. Try validating the error by calling the Show_Subscription_Info manually and without using any variables. Probably your variable is not declared yet.
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After reading the documentation at App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps you could have found out, that the Initialize method triggers the OwnItemsLoaded event automatically.

Further methods should only be called, after Intialization was successful. Therefore do not use that AsyncProc extension, but call the SubscriptionDetails method for example in the OwnItemsLoaded event.


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I have read it more than once Taifun. Where your documentation says : “GotOwnItems event will be fired automatially after using that method”, I figured it already out, it should be: LoadOwnItems/OwnItemsLoaded .

Thanks for the tip to call the SubscriptionDetails method in the OwnItemsLoaded event.

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