Need some help regarding Taifun's Billing Extension

@Taifun I need some help regarding your Billing Extension.

I want to add Monthly Subscription Method in my app and i don’t know that how can i do that.

1). What if user cancel his subscription, and
2). What if subscription period has ended.

please tell me about blocks.

see Q2 here App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps

You always have to check, if a subscription still is in listAcknowledged by calling method PurchasedSubscriptions , which triggers the GotPurchasedSubscriptions event. After canceling a subscription Google removes weekly subscriptions from the product list after the subscription week has passed or for monthly subscriptions after the subscription month has been passed…

the answer is the same… see also Q10 there App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps


is these Blocks are correct?

looks good…
you only have one subscription, correct?

Yes! I have only one Subscription

Any Reply?

as already said earlier: looks good…