Auto Renewal of subscription in playstore

I have used Taifun billing extension in creating a subscription in my app.
Problem which i am facing is that the subscription is showing that it will not auto renew unlike the other app.
Even the cancel subscription option is not coming

i am attaching the screenshot

dont know is it related to incorrect uploading the app on playstore or it is related to placement of blocks in the taifun billing extension.

It is showing that the subscription will not be autorenew

Use Kodular’s Component Instead Of Taifun’s.

how did you define the subscription in Google Play?

also what is this?


Even when i am doing test purchase using internal testing with play store it is not showing the auto renewal
i have checked in other phones also as i am doing testing with 2 phones

Regarding google play console we dont have any option for this

i have made my app as free and uses subscription for the premium facilities in app

please inform me if i have done any mistake

This is not something in the blocks, check your subscription setup in Google Play…

Did you define a trial period?


What do you get, if you try my example app?


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Amazing @Taifun
You catched it right. I have not used trial period. Should it work if i use that

may i know if you can tell what it is showing at your end nowdays.
Is it same or different.

Screen Shot of play console

Got my answer
It is problem with India
Auto renewal facility is stopped by google in India
Every time after finishing the period it will ask for renewal

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I have again one question related to this only
since this auto renewal is not there in india, i want to make my monthly subscription to yearly subscription.
so if i make one more subscription id in google console with yearly cycle and rename the subscription id in the program with that how it will affect the existing user (existing user is only one). Wont it be a violation of google. I was fearing, that why asking
Thank you

thank you for letting us know…

I don’t know what will happen in this case, I never tried it…
What about adding a yearly subscription so the user can choose, which one they like to use?


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I still get the auto renewal

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Thank you for your kind help
Thanks for prompt reply i am so glad

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