[Guide] In-App Billing

that’s completely wrong.

I hope it should be wrong :slightly_smiling_face:.

I unable to find product Id.

Please help me to find

read this please

How to purchase a same product id several times. because once i purchased product 1. again i couldn’t purchase that same product. what should i do for this? for an example if a “product 1” value 1USD. again users can purchase that “product 1” more than 1 time. but while i am checking i got the error message of “you already own this item”.

set AutoAcknowledge to false and use “consume” block after the purchase is done… now user will be able to purchase it again and again :smiley:


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in this case you have to manually acknowledge, which actually is not the question here…

you have to consume it before being able to purchase it again

Consumes a given in-app product. Consuming can only be done on an item that’s owned, and as a result of consumption, the user will no longer own it.
Will trigger event Consumed .


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Thank you so much @Taifun and @Yashk12

when i consume a item for buy again and again. If I set AutoAcknowledge to false. when should I acknowledge the purchased item. because i should acknowledge the item after purchase done. if not user will get refund.

Achnowledge and Consume are 2 different things…

Do you have a validating server component?
If yes, set AutoAcknowledge to false, else to true

How the billing extension can help: If you decide to not verify the purchase, you can use the AutoAcknowledge feature of the extension to automatically acknowledge after purchasing. If you choose to verify the purchase, use the PurchaseUpdated event to get the purchase token and follow chapter Verify purchases before granting entitlements in the Fight fraud and abuse page. After successful verification then use method Acknowledge together with the purchase token to acknowledge the purchase.

before being able to purchase an already purchased product again, you first have to Consume it.


Hello I have a doubt. Subscribe option will continue forever?
Because i saw a message in Subcription option → Resubscribe Area " Resubscribe is not currently available for your users because your app does not use Billing Library 2.0 in all active app bundles"
Please find the Attachment below

Please clear my doubt

usually yes, only in India Google seems to make an exception


Ok by the way, I am from Sri Lanka. Same problem i am facing

the message is strange… because you have to use Version 3 to be able to upload a new version of your app… you might want to ask Google support…

if the subscription ended, the users just have to resubscribe… actually it is not a problem…


I have just checked my published app. I set subscription for Remove Ads Option. It is working but unable complete process( Finally got error of Transaction failed - Only for subscription) by the way in app billing purchase is working good.

Below see the attachments

Finally Transaction failed - this issue only for subscription.
What’s the problem? Give me solution.

your error message is “Transaction was declined”
let me do a Google search for you

for example Problems with in-app purchases - Google Play Help

If you’re trying to make an in-app purchase but the transaction is declined or the payment won’t go through, try to fix payment issues on Google Play.

Let us know how you fixed the issue… thank you…


@Taifun, all works fine. :slight_smile:

great to hear
please let us know how you fixed the issue ““Transaction was declined”
thank you


there was no money in my wallet, i used somewhere.so topup my account it worked.

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Do my app need to have a log in/sign in system to provide the subscription plans?
Or will the above procedure is enough for subscription based app without login system?