Taifun Player can't play special character file name

Hai Community Friend,

Is Taifun Player can’t play file with special character? I have some error when i try to play file with special character, is there a way i can play the file without change the name?

It’s due to spaces, use this block to change that


What should i put in segment?

Space, see image

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Tq for all your help, i will try it​:pray:

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Are you sure this is the Solution (posted by @Boban)?

See here (Companion on Android 11+):

I just try and is not working with boban solution​:grin: @Johannes_Ai2

How can i do with this @Johannes_Ai2 ?

I replace segmen space with %20, but how can i replace & with %26, replace 2 segmen(space,&)

Yes, as I’ve already shown.

Take a close look at my blocks and you will see what to do.

And please post all relevant blocks completely.

Tq @Johannes_Ai2, is working now, i change segmen %26 with &, i understand now​:+1:

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