TaifunFile Extension

Hi Is anyone else having the same issue

This is the calling block

These are the resultant screen I get

Some of the pics are absent while some only display half a picture

What i find is I have to refresh the screen once or twice to get the whole picture

Any ideas

PS This has nothing to do with the Kodular upgrade. It was like this befor

This has nothing to do with the TaifunFile extension, but with the number (and not least) the size of the images. Btw, this will no longer work if Kodular is targeting Android 11 (Aug 2021), as from then on there will no longer be unlimited access to the external storage.

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Thats Great

Thank for letting me know. Appreciate it

Ok, but how does one do the same without taifun’s extension??

I still need to change images depending on the status of a bit?

Any idea

As already said, you have to wait for the sdk 30 update… the file component most probably will have a new method to copy a file to a shared directory, for example /Pictures

See also the design document


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