Taifun Image not Work

I try with companion its work perfectly…
but when I try to export Apk, image can’t to resize…
I try to use TaifunResize not TaifunScale, its same… didn’t work when to export Apk,

read the documentation to find out, that the image must be in ASD
debug your project to find out, where is the image currently and adjust it accordingly

I have a trick for you…
Show your image in Horizontal/vertical layout as background image…then resize the layout width/height to fit the image

When image picked{

Set picked image to vertical arrangement’s background inage


not Work,
check this block…

must be use metadata ?

it’s same, I try using metadata…
but when Installed to phone file not exist

Screenshot 2022-11-04 063505

The camera component does not return an inage in the AfterPicture event currently… this is a bug, which is already a few months old…


can you give solution?

read the thread to find workarounds

Can you give me a link for solution?
maybe to to save image in ASD

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Use the file component to copy it to the correct place