Take a photo and display it in the webviewer

I am trying to take a photo and display it in a “webview” or a “customweb viewer” in Android 10. With these blocks I managed to copy the photo into an “image” component but I could not display it in the webviewer, please , somebody could help me? I’ll be very greatful

picture_to_webviewer.aia (4.9 MB)

This works for me in companion in AI2, do you get different results using Kodular?


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@TimAi2 with the app compiled and Android 10, the image is not displayed in the web view

Just compiled (AI2) and working fine on Android 10

What does your file path look like in the label ?

When taking a picture, for the first time, I am asked for camera and media files permissions. You may need to set these manually ?

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you mean “App Inventor”?, the app has components that AppInventor doesn’t support.

I was reading a lot all over the place and trying a lot of examples, I came across this one and can at least see the image in the “image” component.
I am using an extension to classify images and it works with a webviewer, that is why I need to put the image in the webviewer

I did it, in the “screen .initialize” block

What does your file path look like in the label ?

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But with “companion” the application works fine

Try putting a file:// in front of that and then load the path into a webviewer ?