Take CardView Data and OpenGraph

Hi. I would like to know if the creator of the CardView extension can make improvements with regard to taking data such as image, title, subtitle, content, etc, since it only allows me to take the value of the number of the list that I believe, but not the above I mentioned.

What happens is that it only takes the data from the list number, and it does not work because if I change something in my Airtable table, I can send it to another party, anyway I need to pass the value of the title to another window.

I also wanted to know if anyone has any advice about taking data from a URL (OpenGraph) and place them in this extension.

Try this - [New Update] Fusion Player - Dynamic Online Music Player [Pro/Free AIA]

Maybe this will help, I think.

Mmm no, need call OpenGraph, but this project is good to taking data from cardview or listview

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