Tasks for the background

Hello i find a google forum post where i read that on appinventor you can make taks for background operations. There is a test server for that too where you can built appsm with that. (small amout of things what i saw)

Is that possible to get this feature in a update. (Not the next, maybe at middle of the year or dont know, when you you guys have time for that)

And only if this will bring us more features as send a msg in the Background what i saw on the test server. I sounds like as we can bzult nice apps with that possibility.
And only if this is not too heavy to implement.
I think other thing like firebase Dynamic Links or firebase invite, what is more important atm for all of us,

Thanks guys

Did you search the Community?

lol i asked this a few month before. i saw it now. thx and sorry, i forgot this completly.

Do you think I’m laughing…

Did you or are you lying :thinking:

Your welcome and are you really???



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