Tech CVR - Download Free AIA files

ya i done but no one came only one customer

so that means no one is interested, so move on and make more good stuff.

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actually want because it is half price of others but the needy ones dont see that post

@techcvr Can you give your WhatsApp group link?

Maybe you should promote your product… If you want to sell.

I have telegram group link - searach @techcvr on telegram.

I dont have money that why i am selling or else i would have promoted

send me a personal message if you want to earn money by organizing pubg mobile tournament, you can earn Min 100 Rs per match.

Yes i want ,
I know bro
It will be a pubg tournament app
But i can’t buy aia i dont have money and i already have aia of pubg tournament app
But what are you saying
Do i use your app as admin?

seems you dont read message properly, stop your comments on this topic. start a private message if you want to discuss more…

From Now On All My Downloads will be available from Tech CVR App only, i will remove old links with app link 1 at a time, so if any links dont work then try the app, and if you still didnt get the files then let me know.

Official Tech CVR App 2019 - TechCVR.apk (7.2 MB)


I think that is a bad choice. Why would you want to do that, forcing users to install your app? I for one will not do that, regardless of what you have to offer. I hope you reconsider your decision.


i am not forcing anyone to install my app, if anyone need the files i create they just have to download it from my app. that’s it.

i am doing this because my website, google somehow not accepting my request to show ads on my site. i followed all rules and did everything google said, now they are saying to change the domain. which i am not going to do. so i am using my app to provide downloads.

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New Update :

  • App Home Page Layout Changed
  • AIA and AIX list will be loaded much faster
  • Paid and Free AIA now can be downloaded from the app
  • Ads Supported

Screenshot :


If the extension is free to use then I think that the developer should thank Vishal to help promoting his extension…

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Domain Changed from to

All The download links will be available in 1 or 2 days.

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how to use json file data tell me

welcome @balakramtudu143

try search, this is for online

this is for offline from assests

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thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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