Testing Get Value from TinyDB

I really don’t what can be my mistake but when trying to test if my string is an entry of my TinyDB.
Companion mode is ok but in APK mode, I go to the else socket.

The Text parameter can be a tag from TinyDB or a text to translate.
On APK mode, the value is not retrieved and it leads to the translation of something that doesn’t exist (the TinyDB tag). However on companion mode the value is retrieved :confused:

Any suggestion please ?

Try to erase the tags values in your companion, because the values in test mode and in the apk, are different.

I always try to put the “value if tag not there” as “null”, so I know the value is not empty and i could have missed something.

I tried “null” instead of “” but it’s the same…
You tell me to erase value in my companion, but companion works perfectly. It’s the APK mode that is not working, the value is not retrieved from TiinyDB :frowning:

In the testing you may have added the value you need, that is why in the companion works and in the apk doesn’t. Check all the tags that initialize data from the TinyDB before they store it. I think this has to do with a misspelled tag or a missing initializing value.

My point in erasing the data from the companion, is to put it on pair with the APK, you already stored data in your companion, but every new install of the APK, the data is fresh new.

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where do you use the TinyDB.StoreValue block together with your tag?

It is stored in a procedure which is called in screen initialise. This value is stored in the same way as the colours of the labels/buttons that are on the screenshot (greens, browns, black, gray). As you can see in the screenshot the colours are retrieved correctly…
Also tested with a TinyDB.ClearAll at the begining of my initTinyDB procedure without success

Result in APK mode :

you might want to use a logger procedure to find out, what is going on, aee @Abraham_Getzler’s example here